The only hope for surviving these turbulent times is to draw upon the light and apply all you’ve learned and become to deal with the forces of darkness enveloping our world.

Otherwise, there’s no escape.  Deeper into the pit we will spiral as the darkness takes hold within us.

The answer is not in going along to get along.  It’s not in fighting back and escalating the hate and violence, either, as natural and reflexive as it may seem.

Rather, the answer is in working toward Ascension and the evolution of humanity toward new levels of peace and prosperity for all.  But it’s not a view shared by many, especially among the unawakened still caught up in the affairs of the flesh.

Sleepwalking toward our mutual destruction, they are. Even while acting out their hate and anger for all to see.

Our world has lost its mind, not to mention its moral compass.  The resulting chaos and conflict are everywhere.

Political correctness.  Moral relativism.  Social engineering. All good intentions gone bad.  All are missing that allowance and acceptance of differences — enforced by common agreement to preserve the peace — are a crucial part of the human experience and a necessary step in our evolution toward Oneness.

Instead, too many seek to erode the sovereignty of the self in favor of standards imposed by others who think they know what’s best for us all. To them, individuality is subordinate to the collective will, where individual rights exist only to support their vision.   All others are to be silenced, or worse.

Now the forces of collectivism and control are aligned to fight against individuality and the system designed to protect it, a system that has been admittedly been abused to benefit those with money, influence and power.

The efforts of both sides clash with the inner way, which embraces the awakening of each individual soul on its journey to wholeness — achieved internally and activated by the inner voice, not by imposition of any government or social order.

It creates a conflict that the awakening soul must overcome to move forward, both on the spiritual path and toward a better life in a better world.

It is from within this conflict we must make our stand for the light and all we hold dear.  This is the challenge of our times.

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