Ward Off Attack

You’re under attack.  Someone wants to do you harm. They’re taking it out on you, treating everything about you as fair game.

Your identity. Your race. Your culture. Your beliefs and thought processes. Your lifestyle. Your history. Your political inclinations. Your relationships. Your past. Your hopes and dreams. Your future.

They seem to want to destroy it all, whether for power or to blindly strike back, acting out their frustrations with the way things are.

So what do you do?

Here are some ideas that may help you defend yourself, cope, or fight back in a better way:

  1. What’s the objective?
  2. Know your enemy
  3. Assess the risks
  4. Pick the field of battle
  5. Protect your privacy
  6. Watch what you say
  7. Defense or offense?
  8. Deflect
  9. Meet force with force to create a space for peace
  10. Pick your battles
  11. Do no harm
  12. Secure your home
  13. Provide for essential needs
  14. Separate yourself
  15. Know your bottom line

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