Whispers in the Silence

Living by the Light of Your Soul

by John Dennison
$19.95 Paperback

“This book shares what can be learned from our afflictions and curses by turning them into blessings.”

– Bernie Siegel, M.D.


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About the Book

This is a life of discontent. It comes because we’re cut off from knowing who we are and what our lives are all about.

So we’re left to wander around in the dark, chasing our desires to wherever they may lead us, hoping against hope their fulfillment will fill the void inside us.

But it doesn’t. It only leads us to the next, and the ones after that. And we’re left empty, unfulfilled, regardless of what we get or do.

Even love leaves us wanting, failing to satisfy a need we don’t understand. So our discontent spills over to our relationships as well, putting us in conflict even with those we love. And for some, leading them to look for what they’re missing in someone else.

The only certainty we have is what we think we know, and we cling tightly to the illusions of that knowledge, warding off all comers who dare to assert their own views. And if they do so in a way that appears in the least critical of us or what we think, say or do, we marshal every ounce of will within us to not only resist their effort, but to wage war to impose our views upon them.

The result is continual conflict with the world around us.

But life won’t let us remain comfortable within our reverie. Instead, reality unfolds to challenges the way we think things are — and especially how we see ourselves.

And the only way we know how to deal with it is to fight.

Yet the greatest battle of all is the one that goes on within us, as we strive to accept ourselves and the lives we’re living, and make some sense out of what’s going on.

It leaves us chasing peace and joy like a dog chasing its tail — always just beyond reach.

Then, superimpose a society that says not to concern ourselves with such thoughts, that all that matters is we settle down, raise a family, and work at jobs that provide us little joy and only enough money to bring some — but not all — of what we think we want. All so we can be dutiful citizens, contributing to continue a civilization built upon the collective beliefs and practices of those who came before but who knew no more than us (and perhaps a whole lot less).

Then we wonder why our world is in chaos, with diminishing freedoms and a widening gap between those who have and those who don’t, where terrorists disturb our uneasy peace by senseless acts of violence designed to stop the godless chase of commercialism from overrunning their cultures as well.

Yet, inside each of us is a voice that is telling us this is not the way, that this is not why we’re here. And though we can continue on such path if we choose, it offers only more of the long, slow and painful lessons that mankind has chosen throughout its history.

That voice is whispering that the reason we engage in such acts, and indeed feel the way we do, is because we live separated from what we are inside, cut off from the force from which our life flows. So instead of using our lives to reconnect with that inner source, we stumble around in the dark fighting to assert or defend the images we construct with our outer selves, and fill our lives with things that will prop them up to maintain it.

Hello, I’m John Dennison, and I’d like to help you see yourself and your life in another way, one that can help you better know yourself and open you to new possibilities for what your life can be.

But I do not offer you a panacea, a one-size fits all magic pill that will suddenly make your life all you wish it would be.

No, all I do is open a door to a part of you that has lain dormant for far too long, operating in the dark to get what it needs from this life (and the others you’ve lived) without much help from the limited outer self you think yourself to be.

When you walk through it, you will realize that you are upon a path that you have always traveled. But now you will know why you have picked up the things you’ve gathered along the way, and begin to see the factors at work beneath the surface with which you’ve struggled to take the next steps on your journey.

This awareness will not turn your life around; only you can do that. It will, however, empower you with greater choice over how you will go about your life and interact with the world around you.

And most of all, it will allow you to choose what you take from the experiences your life brings, and how you will use them to evolve.

Perhaps best, when you begin to glimpse what’s going on in your life, you will be able to quit struggling against it and allow it to unfold as it has been created. Because you will know those experiences are only temporary, created to allow you to know more about yourself and your relation to all that is.

Then, when life spirals out of control, you will be able to step aside from the dramas and enter the place of silence, where your inner voice whispers its guidance and perspective on how to move through the moment with greater peace and ease.

This book will start you on that journey. It will lay out a map for you to follow, and provide you valuable tools you can use along your way.

It will also draw together all the teachings and dogma that have been forced down your throat over the years, and allow you to put them in their rightful place to help you take up your journey from where their religions let off.

It will help you see the interaction of desires in your relationships, and how their conflicts draw out the tremendous emotional energies and upsets that turn your life upside down.

So, is this book for you?

It’s not if you want to continue on the way you’ve been going, blind to rhyme or reason for your life and all that’s going on beneath the surface.

It’s not for you, either, if you want to live blaming everyone else for the life you’ve created and how you choose to go about it.

Whispers in the Silence isn’t for you, either, if you’re content with your life, happy with the world around you, and all of your relationships are peaceful, loving affairs.

But if you are ready to open your eyes and see it the way that it really is, and to consciously travel that evolutionary trail euphemistically called the spiritual path, then this is the place to start.

I warn you, though.

Don’t expect to reinforce the false images you hold of yourself, or prop up the carefully-crafted facade that you show the world.

Instead, expect to take off your rosy glasses and take a long, hard look at not only what you’ve created yourself to be, but as you truly are at your core.

For Whispers in the Silence will hold up a mirror, not only through which to see yourself. When you look into it, you will begin to see where you are on your evolutionary path and glimpse why your life is unfolding the way that it is.

And most importantly, provide you with options to change it.

Once you read this book, you will no longer go through life alone. You will finally know the ever-present companionship of your soul, and begin to hear it speak through your inner voice of another way to see and deal with the obstacles life sets before you.

You are so much more than you know. If you’ll let me, I’d like to help you discover it for yourself.

Go with love. I am

john _sign

“True health is possible only when the body is aligned with the soul. Whispers in the Silence is a masterful guide to make that a reality while bringing inner peace and meaning to life.”

— Nilza Kallos, M.D.
Founder of WITHIN Wellness Center
and chief of Breast Health Center, Miami, FL

Table of Contents
Sample Chapters
– Introduction
– Introduction to Cultivation
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One reader says:
“I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

“I found it very easy to read. The first part of the book was almost always intriguing, daring the reader to continue. With each chapter, I found myself eager for answers.

“I suppose I could have moved on to the portions of the book where I thought those answers would be but I did not move ahead of myself.

“For me, “Cultivation” and “Living in the Light” were most important. I try very hard each day to live by many of your words and seeing them on paper reinforced that I was, at the very least, on the right path. But the most important sense that I was left with after finishing the book was that my personal journey is just that, a personal journey. The answers that I continue to seek are within me. I must devote more time to paying attention to my own inner voice, my soul and my light, with the full realization that there is so much more to this journey.

“Thank you so very much for sharing your words with me. It meant (and continues to mean) a great deal to me. And believe it or not, I have every intention of reading your book again.”

— Debbie Greulich
New York City, NY

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