The Wuhan Novel Coronavirus, its vaccines, therapies, policies, responses and other impacts have set off some of the most contentious and far-ranging conflicts in our world today. Here we’ll attempt to explore and dissipate some of the energies of conflict around it so you can move through the issues and obstacles with greater peace and direction toward a better tomorrow.

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What are energies of conflict?

Energies of conflict are the thoughts, emotions, words, deeds, biases, perspectives, interests and agendas that arise from the situation created by the virus. Dissipating those energies entails moderating or minimizing them before they get out of hand and run their course to worst-case scenarios.

Unfortunately, certain players, including the CDC, FDA, captive institutions, and main stream media, social media, and even some alternative mediate continue to add fuel to the fire with distortions, disinformation and outright propaganda designed to exacerbate the already-polarized positions that are hardening on all sides. This makes it increasingly challenging for those on any side to find the truth and set their course in a way that best serves them.

Worse, governmental determination to mandate vaccine therapy has further stratified society into a vaxxed/unvaxxed form of discrimination and restriction of freedoms, and mobilized businesses to enforce their misguided policies upon all who for whatever reason refuse to bend to their will and comply.

These energies are leading to a showdown of epic proportions that risks changing the very fabric of human civilization and permanently altering the genetic codes of humanity itself, at the same time threatening destroying the health and even bringing about the death of large portions of the world populace.

Do NOT Be Afraid

We’re all going to die — one day. For most of us and our loved ones, today is not that day.

So now is the time to face your fear. Fear is the mind killer. It also damages your health and makes you more susceptible to illness.

Media and governmental authorities have tried to instill fear in the masses to advance their agenda and interests. Effective treatments have been suppressed and even banned.

COVID is survivable for ~99% of the cases. Those with co-morbidities (pre-existing obesity, diabetes, lung, heart and immune system conditions) are most at risk.

You can increase your chances by acting responsibly. See the prevention and treatment links and Zelensky protocol below.

Take care of your body. Train and calm your mind. Moderate your emotional swings.

Above all things, try to love a little bit more, even those who would ram their views and practices down your throat. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Prophylactic and Early Treatment Protocols


COVID prevention and treatment


The material presented here is for informational purposes only.

We’re not doctors and don’t give medical advice. Get the information you need to make your own choices.

With that said, the best advice we’ve heard for those being treated/testing themselves at home is to go to the ER if you have trouble breathing. Don’t delay.

Vaccine injury/side effects treatment

Have a heart, people. Remember your humanity. There is only One.

Organizations and Viewpoints

Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports & Human Freedom

An urgent call for help from Austrailia. If video does not embed, watch it here.

For an alternative view that will put things in new light, watch this:

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